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Don't worry, boss.
From ordering to management to payment
I'll help you at once!

no POS necessary

No more POS​ and kiosks!

only through smartphones and tablets

​Easy access anytime, anywhere!

Expected increase in sales

to a shared table

Increased unit price with automatic menu recommendation!

increase in sales
reduce labor cost

​Labor cost down, table turnover rate up

Are you tired of busy times?

From table management to ordering & payment at once!

seated at table
of all guests
 data collectionthis is possible!

bringing new guests
Know your loyal customers

Attracting new customers and
Intensive care for regular customers

Beyond the individual visit frequency period
Delivery of promotions to non-visiting customers for a long time

When to visit, based on frequency
Revisit Promotion

data-driven service


It will rain heavily tomorrow.
When it rains, the demand for jjamppong increases!

sales prediction based on weather

By predicting sales and menu demand in advance
Efficient food purchase


According to the first menu order
They even recommend recommended menus.


Menu combination exposure by day of the week and weather,
Increase in food material turnover


Sales are lowest on recent Wednesday afternoons.
How about calling the staff only 3 times a week?


Economic indicators KOSPI and market interest rates
Used for daily sales forecasting

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