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Orders piling up and customers waiting too long?

Revolutionize Your Restaurant with Our QR Code Order and Payment System


No More POS and
Kiosk Machines!

Save on installation costs as
diners just scan a QR code with
their smartphone or tablet.

Boost in Revenue

Boost your sales with our menu recommendations that are perfect for diners to share with group!

Reduce Operation Cost

Effortlessly manage your table and place orders and payments at once, even during busy times!

Other Services


Tracks customer analytics for

all customers at the table.

Stay Time

Order History

# of Visits





Can only collect data

of paying customer

SicPama's Strength

Maximize Your Sales
Growth with In-Depth
Customer Analytics!

Drive Repeat Sales!

VIP Care Service

Automatically send targeted coupons and promotions to your loyal customers

Boost Your Sales!

Optimized Menu Offerings and Promotions

Personalized menu recommendations

based on the patrons' gender and age

Serve More Guests!

Special Promo for Patrons Who Bring New Guests

Automatically tracks regulars who bring in new customers and send out coupons.

Boost Your Restaurant's Efficiency
with SicPama's Data Insights

Let's feature pizza on the first screen, since it's the top choice on Fridays.


Would you like to add

beer to your pizza?


Wednesdays have been slow lately. Let's have less staff on Wednesdays.


We suggest popular menu
items that are in high
demand that day!

We suggest recommended
menu based on the
customer's first order.

Enhance sales forecasts
with economic indicators
and market rates.

식당용 Demo 1_22-10-22 1.jpg

Try Our Restaurant Demo!

Scan the QR Code with your phone or click the button below.

Login: / sicpama

Maximize table turnover rates on busy days with SicPama!

Try SicPama for free on your first 2-3 tables with no extra cost!

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